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Here is some information that will make your move into town easier.

Questions or Comments: City of Towanda 110 S. 3rd Street, P.O. Box 160, Towanda KS 67144


E-Mail the City Administrator, Paul Erickson


Questions on zoning regulations or permits????

E- Mail the Zoning Administrator, Lisa Long



For an Emergency! Call 911

After hours water break??? Page Us!!! 316-466-1961


Water Bill Policy

Meters are read at the end of each month & bills are sent out on the 1st.---Due upon receipt. if the bill remains unpaid after the 15th, a 10% penalty will be assessed. Should service be disconnected for non-payment, a re-connection fee of $21.26 plus the bill in full must be paid before service will be re-established.

Household Waste Collection

Household Waste is picked up every Tuesday, unless it is a major Holiday, when it will be picked up the following day, The route begins very early in the morning, so consider placing your carts at the curb the night before!


City Council Meetings

City Council meets on the 2nd and Last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 P.M.  
Mayor, John Carson
Council President, Jo Smith
Council Members, Darrell White, Stuart Smith, Bill Mills, Jay Farner and Jennifer Shaults.


Towanda Municipal Court

Court is held on the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 12:00 Noon in the City Hall Conference Room.

Thank you for visiting the Towanda Municipal Court site. Listed below are some helpful numbers and information you should know.

Court Clerk, Rick Voisin 110 South Third, Towanda, Ks 316-536-2243

City Prosecutor, Norman Manley 116 North Star, El Dorado, Ks 316-321-4920

Municipal Judge, Gene White 218 West Central, El Dorado, Ks 316-321-1710

The following Infractions are payable violations, payable within 10 business days of the date of violation. Please contact the Municipal Court Clerk, Mr. Rick Voisin, Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm at 316-536-2243 for further information.

If you have been given a citation that is not listed below, you will need to appear before Judge Gene White on the court date listed in the lower right hand corner of your citation.

Payable Violations

Speeding Fines

City Map




The Licensing of dogs and cats and the penalties associated with animals running at large, and costs of impoundment are as follows:
New Residents or new animal owners with proof of required vaccinations:
Within 30 days of residency Free
Every year thereafter
Annual License $10.00 per animal.

The owner of any dog or cat impounded for running at large shall be subject to a fine. If the animal has no city tags, an additional $10.00 will be included in the fine assessment, and a tag will be issued.
Running at large 1st. offense $50.00
Running at large 2nd. offense $75.00
Running at large 3d. offense $100.00

Impounding Fees shall be as follows:
(1) $25.00 for pick-up fee and first day at pound.
(2) $ 5.00 per day after the first day.
All impounded animals are held for a maximum of 5 Days. If not claimed, animals will be euthanized. Owners may be subject to
euthanasia fees.